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Security Tips

Is online banking safe and secure? That's probably the first thing you would think about when considering to sign up for any internet banking service. Security is not the sole responsibility of the bank alone. Customers too play an important role in safeguarding their online accounts and activities. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for your better understanding.


  1. Make sure you type the URL address (www.kfh.com.my) in the browser locator.
  2. Make sure you logout properly after you have completed viewing your accounts or performing your transactions. It's best if you clear your cache once you have logged out.
  3. Make sure you change your Password frequently or when you feel it has been compromised or tampered with.
  4. Use a unique combination of characters (numbers and alphabet)to form your Password.
  5. Make sure that your anti-virus protection program is updated to the latest version.
  6. Update you Internet browser regularly, as newer versions usually include enhanced security features.
  7. Make sure you check whether the Norton Secured certificate appears correctly once you click on it. If it doesn't appear when you click on the sign, it is most likely a phishing site.
  8. Make sure your Password is no less than 8 digits or 8 alphanumeric characters without repeating any digits or character more than once.
  9. Check the authenticity of the Bank website by comparing the URL address.


  1. Don't click on any links in emails to get to KFH Online corporate website or secured site.
  2. Don't leave the secured site without logging out properly.
  3. Don't proceed with any transactions if you are suspicious or doubtful.
  4. Don't reveal, write down or share your Password, TAC numbers or any other confidential information to other people. The bank will never ask you for information of this kind. Even our Contact Centre executives are not permitted to request for these information.
  5. Don't let anybody else access your banking facilities.
  6. Don't create stereotype passwords such as; Date of Birth, Home Address, Car Plate Number, 123456 and etc.
  7. Don't store your Username and Password together in your diary, wallet, email or on your computer.
  8. Don't use the same Username and Password to access other sites, application, or services that require a username and password.
  9. Don't select the browser option for storing or retaining your Username and Password.
  10. Don't let anyone to keep use or temper with your One Time Password (OTP) Security Token.
  11. Don't divulge or reveal OTP generated and the serial number of your Security Token.